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About us

About Satori Gozo

Welcome to the Satori Gozo Centre. An oasis of health, expression and wellbeing supported by an open community of holistic practitioners and artists.

In a serene environment tailor made for healing, growth and expression we offer:
– Bespoke and organised live in retreats
– Conscious Group Activities & Workshops
– Yoga & Meditation
– Creative & Art Workshops
– Alternative & Holistic Healing
– Healing Services, Treatments, & Massages

Our aim is to bring joy to people’s lives through guidance and support in fulfilling their potential through self knowledge, self love and inner growth.


Meet some of our team members, teachers and therapists. Have a glimpse before you book your session with us and decide which one fits you more!

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Vee Borg


Vee is the founder of the Satori Gozo Centre on the island of Gozo, Malta. Throughout his journey, he has been regularly facilitating retreats in Malta and in more recent years the rest of Europe, South Africa, Asia, and the US. Vee’s current style of sharing focuses on empowering the individual, reaffirming personal responsibility within each person while holding a space of pure potential, free to be explored. To support this, he chooses to facilitate small groups with an emphasis on preparation before the retreat.

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Michaela Smail


Michaela is the manager of the Satori Gozo Centre as well as the event coordinator and project manager for the centre. Michaela is originally from Northern California, but has chosen to follow her passion of sharing holistic health and wellbeing with others all the way to Gozo. For over the past four years Michaela has spent her time obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Therapy with a specialisation in Holistic Psychology and Substance Abuse Treatment. Michaela is passionate about sharing a variety of alternative and holistic treatment modalities with clients and leading others to breaking out of the status quo of western medicine & traditional treatment approaches.


We work together with passionate professionals that specialise in Yoga, massages, energy healing and more. Here you can get to know them a bit closer.

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Antje Lewerenz

Yoga Teacher

Hey there! I'm Antje! Yoga, and its challenges, are a natural part of my daily life. I work as a freediving instructor, yoga teacher, WATSU/WATA therapist, translator, office manager and live with all this on the beautiful island of Gozo, Malta. Living very close to nature and the elements helps to get back to myself, and throws me back to myself at the same time. I stand for the classic approach to hatha yoga. You will always experience breathing exercises/pranayama and meditation along with asana in my classes. You will get to know your body better, tune in with your breathing, and you are already on your yoga path. What you experience physically on the yoga mat you can take into your daily life off the mat. The aspects of hatha yoga are actually straight forward and I encourage you to become aware of it on and off the mat: proper exercise, proper breathing, proper diet, proper rest, awareness of THAT and WHAT you think (and that you are not your thoughts).

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Monique van Bemmelen

Yoga Teacher & Therapist

Hey there! I'm Monique! I am a yoga teacher from the Netherlands. I’ve studied yoga at the Saswitha Teacher Training College for Yoga and Philosophy for three years, studying hatha yoga. I have been teaching yoga several times a week since 2017, both in the Netherlands and in Gozo. In 2018 I completed a second 200-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training with Balasz Heller in Vinyasa Yoga (Fityoga). Fityoga is a fusion of hatha yoga and vinyasa yoga and it combines strength, flexibility and cardio, together with meditation. In spring 2019 I got certified to teach Yin Yoga at Arhanta Yoga. Yin yoga is the perfect practise to calm down the nervous system and to recharge your body and mind. I am also Yoga Alliance registered and a member of the VYN, the Dutch Yoga Association. This means that I continually educate myself further and I comply with the highest quality standards in yoga education.

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Teacher & Therapist

Hey there! I’m Sean! After more than seven years of medical studies in Hong Kong, I was finally able to achieve my dream to become a traditional Chinese medicine doctor. I finished my degree in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture at HKU and my master's degree in Sports Medicine and Health Science at CUHK. I specialize in treating sports injuries and pain syndromes using acupuncture and massage. I am a E-RYT 200 and RYT 500 Yoga Alliance Teacher. I have a lot of experience teaching throughout various countries, mainly focusing on Hatha yoga and Yin yoga. I have also completed an advanced course on Aerial Yoga during my time in Thailand. I am a Qigong teacher and a Reiki Master. While in Gozo, I offer my services out of Satori. My services include Qigong, Tai Chi, Aerial Yoga, Reiki, Acupuncture, Moxibustion Cupping, Acupressure, Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage, and Reflexology.

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Yulia Andriushchenko

Yoga Teacher

Originally from Ukraine, for many years Yulia traveled around the globe and has shared yoga in Maldives, India, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Ukraine and now in Gozo, a beautiful island of Malta. Her passion is to help people integrate yoga into their lifestyle, as regular yoga can transform the quality of life of every person who follows the practice, regardless of their age, tradition or health status.<br /> Certified in Rishikesh, India, Yulia's knowledge allows her to create group and individual yoga programs according to the person’s health and needs. She offers to the public Hatha yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, and meditation pre- and postnatal yoga sessions.

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Timea Laskai

Yoga Teacher

Hey there! I’m Timea! I’m originally from Hungary and I am 36 years old! Throughout my life I have always had an interest in sports, or any practice where I got to move my body! I started with aerobics and fitness when I was about 14 years old. After winning my first competition for Fittkid Hungry, I felt eager to share my love for fitness with others. At the age of 18 I completed my first fitness instructor certificate. In the years following I started diving deeply into the worlds of dance, hip hop, ballet, modern dance, and pole fitness. In 2016 I won 2nd place at my first competition in High level pole at a sport tournament in Hungary. After that my passion for competing quickly grew.<br /> After partaking in competitions rigorously for a few years, I found that it caused too much stress on my body and I was no longer in a place of love for the sport. It was then that I found teaching. I first started teaching pole at one of the biggest movement schools in Hungary and I immediately fell in love. I found that teaching gave me so much energy and I loved sharing my passion for fitness with others and watching them grow in the sport. Hearing feedback from students that loved my classes as much as I loved to teach brought me so much joy!<br /> As much as I loved fitness, as I began teaching more and more, I realized my body was in need of a more restorative practice in addition to working out, to help my body support the muscles I was overusing. That is when I found Yoga Trapeze! I immediately fell in love with Yoga Trapeze as it is so much fun to use the hammock to stretch and get into positions you wouldn’t normally be able to. I quickly became passionate about sharing this new found love with others and looked into teacher trainings! In 2018 I received my teacher training in Yoga Trapeze and started teaching. I loved how good my body felt after doing it and how it contributed to my everyday health and well being. I also found that I was able to perform better in my fitness classes and loved how it contributed to the overall support of my joints and muscles.<br /> I love Aerial Fitness because it challenges me, keeps me fit, and is SO MUCH FUN! Aerial Fitness is done in a stretchy fabric hammock while Yoga Trapeze is done in a hammock made out of a material more similar to that of a tent. The Yoga Trapeze adds much more support in the positions you’re in and also provides handles to assist you in getting into positions, while the Aerial Fitness hammock remains stretchy to allow you more freedom in your flow! Please join me I would love to have you! Beginners are ALWAYS welcome, come try something new!

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Izabela Klara Biskupska

Pilates Teacher

Personal Trainer and Pilates/ Body Rolling Teacher with 10 years experience in Italy, Izabela managed her own Pilates Studio and sportive association “Conero Pilates School.” In 2018 she became certified as the hypnotherapist in London by Marisa Peer. She has her hypnotherapy practice in Gozo, Malta and online. Izabela is also a Feng-Shui Consultant and Tantra Counsellor.

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Allison Tremblay


After several years working in the business and marketing field, I decided to leave the mainstream path and discover my own. I have always been curious about the connection between our mind, body, and soul, specifically the physical body’s connection to our emotional state. I am passionate about incorporating physical healing with mental health in my treatments and assisting clients in their emotional processes and awakenings. This is how I discovered my true purpose and ended up becoming a holistic therapist. I am trained in a variety of different massage techniques and my treatments vary depending on the specific needs of each client. I am trained in Swedish, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, and Indian Head Massage. I am also trained up to level 2 in Reiki and love to incorporate this method of healing into my treatments with clients when I feel it would be a good fit. I help clients by guiding them on how to reconnect with themselves by being more present, in their body, confident, and by having more compassion and love for themselves and their surroundings.

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Monica Borg Debrincat

Mindfulness Coach

Hey there! I’m Monica! I am a Mindfulness practitioner and a Trainer of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) for Adults. MBCT is a discipline which cultivates self-awareness, focus, and presence of being. I am also a lecturer with a Masters degree in Italian as a Foreign Language at Sir M. A. Refalo Sixth Form in Gozo. I am the first person to have introduced Mindfulness Training into education in Gozo. I firmly believe that Mindfulness should be accessible to all, as I find it to be one of many necessary self-awareness and coping tools. I have trained under the UK-based EFT & Mindfulness Centre and I renew my Mindfulness practitioner and trainer status annually. I do this because I believe that Mindfulness is a lifelong personal discipline; a lifestyle. I offer private Mindfulness courses outside of what I offer at school under my own logo A(t)tune To Life – MBD. I created A(t)tune To Life as my own personal contribution to the world after receiving so much from others. My Australian-born but Gozitan-raised heritage makes me want to gain a deeper introspection into the different psychological and spiritual dimensions of the self and others. My aim is to be a more self-aware human being, daughter, sister, wife, teacher, friend, and a free-er soul. I am a steadfast introvert and like the simple life of reading, gardening, nature walking, meditating, yoga-ing. I prefer simplicity, a smile, a cuddle, a helpful comment rather than ambition, keeping up appearances or social networking. I love both the sun and the moon as reminders of keeping a balance in all aspects of life.

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Tobya Negash

Visiting Therapist

Born and raised in Boulder Colorado, USA, Tobya Negash discovered early on that she is a star seed, a way shower, and a light-worker. She has opened her wings to embrace and support all beings who wish to uncover, discover, and express their highest potential and personal medicine. For over ten years Tobya has been practising Zen and Tibetan Buddhist meditations, mindfulness and visualization practises, cultivating love and compassion, self-inquiry, Tantra, and much, much, more. Tobya has also found continuous inspiration from methods such as Sacred Geometry and Stanley Grof's Holotropic breath work, that assist one in tapping into the collective consciousness. From 2001 to 2007 she apprenticed with a Peruvian Shaman and is now a Mesa carrier. Tobya has also been initiated into the Native American Lakota church, Pejuta Wakan Cancu'. She has lead and participated in a number of ceremonies of the Daime Church of Brazil. Today, Tobya is a massage therapist, teacher, artist, healer, lightworker, shamanic practitioner, channel and psychic/Intuitive who is tuned into ancient ancestral wisdom. Today her home base is in Damanhur, a spiritual eco-community in Northern, Italy in which she has lived for three years. It is her wholehearted wish to raise both the consciousness and vibration of the planet through creation of art in the form of sculpture and painting, along with self-empowering individuals to live in the ever- expanding NOW, from a place of truth, integrity, and infinite joy.

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Emily Royce

Visiting Therapist

Emily is one of Satori’s visiting therapists for the month of May. Emily has an extensive background in dance movement, yoga instruction, energy work, and ecstatic living. During her time here she will be offering connection and intimacy events at Satori, along with one-on-one sessions in various healing modalities. Emily specialises in sexual healing and embodiment. “I lead people who are burnt out on the status quo back to their ecstatic purpose. Back to the childlike wonder of possibility before the doubts and fears piled on. That place of natural abundance, satisfaction and pleasure we inhabit before we 'should' all over ourselves.” - Emily Royce. Keep an eye out for some of our upcoming events hosted by Emily!



"Perfect place to host retreats, our first weekend of a Woman's journey was a grt success the serenity of Satori centre was a perfect addition!"

Amanda Savona

Love from Facebook

"Loved my stay at this wonderful spot! I spent 10 days in Gozo and really loved my stay here! The staff are very friendly, the beds are comfortable and the accommodation itself is very spacious! There is a clean and refreshing pool and the garden is very pretty! I would recommend to anyone looking to have a relaxing experience on Gozo!"

Adam Noodle

Love from Facebook

"Great place, lovely people! Accommodation is cozy and clean. Amazing classes and retreats. I love this place and definitely recommend it."

Isabell Scholl

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